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The Fight for Marriage – Embrace the Urgency of the Struggle

May 13, 2010

Over the past two weeks, I’ve written about the Fight for Marriage, detailing my conviction that marriage, as a perfect reflection of Christ’s love for the church, is a direct target for spiritual attack. I believe that all of us have a part to play in this battle but 1) most of us haven’t ever really stopped to think about marriage as being under attack and 2) we’ve never really considered what role, if any, we could play in being spiritual advocates for the sacrament of marriage.

Thus far, we’ve discussed Renewing your Marriage Vows, and recommitting to the call of mutual submission that is an essential element of a Christ-centered marriage. This step was all about strengthening marriage internally.

Second, we discussed Living Love, bearing witness to the grace imparted to you in the sacrament of matrimony and helping to reeducate a world full of people who have no idea what real love or marriage looks like. This step is all about strengthening marriage externally.

The final step in the fight for marriage is a call for Christian men and women to embrace the urgency of the struggle.

If we believe that marriage is the incredible gift and symbol that the Church says it is, then it is impossible for us to believe that marriage is not being threatened by spiritual attack. If something reveals Christ, it will be attacked by the enemy of Christ. If something points to the love of God, every effort will be made to obscure it. You must accept this reality: marriage is essential to the health our families, our communities and our Church and, for this reason, evil wants to destroy it.

If the nature of the attack is spiritual, we must respond with a spiritual counter-attack. As men and women of God, we must go to our knees and fight for marriage in prayer. If you know someone whose marriage is faltering, pray for transformation and healing. If you don’t, pray for marriages in general and ask that God puts a hedge of protection around those who are seeking to glorify Him through the sacrament.
The only wrong thing you can do is to do nothing. We must all embrace the urgency of struggle for marriage, taking up the fight internally, externally and spiritually.

In thinking about this fight, my heart is focused on a prayer of St. Catherine of Siena. I hope you’ll join me in this prayer:

My love,
I have one thing to ask of you.
When the world was lying sick
you sent your only-begotten Son as doctor,
and I know you did it for love.
But now I see the world lying completely dead-
so dead that my soul faints at the sight.
What way can there be now
to revive this dead one once more?
For you, God, cannot suffer,
and you are not about to come again
to redeem the world but to judge it.
How then
shall this dead one be brought back to life?
I do not believe, O infinite goodness,
that you have no remedy.
Indeed, I proclaim it:
Your love is not wanting,
nor is your power weakened,
nor is your wisdom lessened.
So you want to, you can,
and you know how to
send the remedy that is needed.
I beg you then,
let it please your goodness
to show me the remedy,
and let my soul be roused to pick it up courageously.

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  1. Marti Burns permalink
    August 24, 2010 8:13 am

    I read an article you wrote in the US Catholic magazine called iPray and it said you are 28 and live in Austin, Texas. Did you happen to go to Anderson High School and attend St.Theresas parish? If so, I am Haley Burns mom and wanted to tell you that I enjoyed your article.( I enjoyed your article either way as I have just discovered istuff) I am an artist and working on a Catholic spiritual art project of many years that a book will soon be published about.Even though I was a devout Catholic and volunteer,I didnt really focus on my faith until 5 years ago, so I was so impressed with your faith and devotion at this young stage of your life.Bless You!


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