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Welcome U.S. Catholic Readers

August 24, 2010

Welcome to, the online home of Chris Williston. As this is likely your first time visiting the blog, let me show you around to some of the most popular posts on the site.

I blog a lot about marriage because, well, marriage has a very specific and very special place in the heart of God. He has chosen to use it as a symbol of the love that Christ has for his church. And yet, more than half of marriages end in divorce. It’s time for men and women to step up and embrace the fight for marriage. Check out: The Fight for Marriage Series

It’s broken up into three parts:
Renew Your Marriage Vows
Live Love
Embrace the Urgency of the Struggle

Have you been looking to make a change in your life but just can’t seem to “get there?” Check out:The Transformation We All Desire

Everyone knows that the Catholic Church is against birth control, but have you ever considered the positive effects that Natural Family Planning might have on your marriage? Check out: The Best Secret I Know

I hope you enjoy the blog. Take some time to look around, drop me a line via comments or email to

God Bless!

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