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A Glimpse into the Future, and a Brief Look Back

March 29, 2011

Today, This Pilgrim’s Progress celebrates its one year birthday!

On March 29 of last year, I launched the blog with a post entitled, “Who is this Person Living in My House: Reconnecting with your Spouse.” In honor of the post that started it all, I am going to spend the next five weeks exploring several reasons that I think that married couples lose their connection to one another.

In particular, we’ll look at what happens when:

We forget our divine roots;
We expect married life to be a 50/50 partnership;
We allow distractions to dominate our life;
We lose sight of who we are and what we bring to our marital relationship; and
Our love life falls out of balance.

All of these reasons will make more sense to you in the days to come so make sure you check back every Tuesday to learn more.

Now, let me take a moment to celebrate the year that was and the incredible reception that you’ve given This Pilgrim’s Progress!

At current count, the This Pilgrim’s Progress has been visited 3,228 times in the last 365 days.

By far, the most popular posts in the history of This Pilgrim’s Progress have been The Best Secret I Know, Part 1 and Part 2, which were viewed a total of 430 times, not counting the times they were viewed via the home page. It’s no coincidence then, that the third most popular post was Man Enough to Love Like That, which was viewed 185 times on its own, again, not counting home page views.

All three of the most popular posts in the short history of This Pilgrim’s Progress deal with the issue of natural family planning and the Catholic Church’s teaching on the use of contraception. I am pleased to report I still have people frequently tell me how much those posts helped them understand and appreciate the Church’s teaching in a way that they never had before and that the blog played a substantial role in helping them determine to end their use of chemical and physical contraceptives. Not bad for a little blog, huh?

I am proud of all of the posts that have served as the foundation for This Pilgrim’s Progress and invite you to take a walk down memory lane in checking out some of the older material.

Here are some that I recommend:

Why is the Catholic Mass so Boring?
The Myth of Money
What Can Mary Teach Us About Marriage?
The Fight for Marriage: Renew Your Marriage Vows
Some Wisdom for a Five Year Old
The Transformation We All Desire

Thanks to you, the readers of This Pilgrim’s Progress, for a great first year! I’m looking forward to great things in the next 365 days and appreciate you joining me for the journey!

God Bless!


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